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State Representative, Tim W. Brown
I have known Aram for years and his strong knowledge of the law would serve the people of Wood County well.  His passion for service to the community is an outstanding attribute. 
— Tim W. Brown, State Representative


Mayor Nelson EvansMayor Nelson Evans' Endorsement:

Over the years I have done my best to serve the people of Perrysburg. As a police officer, and later as Chief of the Perrysburg Police Department, I worked hard to ensure that the citizens of our area were protected and served by those who were the most qualified and worthy of our trust.

As Mayor of the City of Perrysburg, I have always worked to ensure that the city is entrusted to best and most qualified people. It is because of this that I am pleased to announce that I am endorsing Aram Matthew Ohanian for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge.

Aram Matthew Ohanian has served the Perrysburg Municipal Court for over 20 years, first in the Public Defender’s Office and for the last 10 years as a Prosecutor for the Wood County Prosecutor’s Office. He has handled thousands of cases in Perrysburg Municipal Court and Common Pleas Court and understands the day to day issues that are heard before the bench. Because of this, he is the most qualified to lead the court and make the right choices as Judge. His experience and his commitment to the community ensure that he will protect the rights of our citizens and administer the duties of Judge in a fair and efficient manner. We deserve a Judge who has the experience, integrity and commitment to make a difference. Aram Matthew Ohanian is that candidate. I urge you to vote for Aram Matthew Ohanian on May 7th.

Nelson Evans

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Experience, Integrity, Commitment

Experience – Assistant Wood County Prosecutor

  • Practiced in the Perrysburg Municipal Court for two decades as a prosecutor and for the defense.
  • Prosecuted criminals for over a decade.
  • Conducted thousands of Municipal Court cases.
  • A veteran trial attorney whose cases have ranged from traffic offenses to serious felonies.
  • Experienced in dealing with the scourge of substance abuse and its effects on the community.
  • Mr. Ohanian has prosecuted thousands of cases in the Municipal Court over the past 10 years.


  • Strong leadership on combatting Domestic Violence and finding ways to prevent future violence.
  • Working to ensure that our community is safe from criminals who target our businesses, our homes and our families.

Commitment – A Dedicated Professional

Our Courts are the last line of defense in keeping criminals out of our neighborhoods. As a prosecutor, Mr. Ohanian has dedicated himself to protecting victims of crime.  As a Prosecutor, he has handled thousands of cases in Municipal Court. We can rely on Aram Ohanian to ensure justice and preserve our rights. Mr. Ohanian has worked closely with law enforcement. In his role as Prosecutor, Mr. Ohanian acts as the initial contact person for law enforcement on most felony offenses. Mr. Ohanian advises officers on difficult legal issues and is trusted to provide sound legal decisions that guide investigation and prosecution of criminals.  We deserve a Judge who will uphold the law, protect the Constitution, and treat those who appear in court with proper respect and appropriate compassion.

Citizens appearing in court need to be confident that the Judge presiding over their case has ample experience to evaluate the issues. Mr. Ohanian’s unique experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney, his extensive trial practice, and expertise with municipal court practice make him the right choice for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge.  

Elect the Judge who has the experience, integrity and commitment to make a difference: Elect Aram Ohanian.

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