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I appreciate your vote in the Primary Election on Tuesday, May 7!

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Over the years I have done my best to serve the people of Perrysburg. As a police officer, and later as Chief of the Perrysburg Police Department, I worked hard to ensure that the citizens of our area were protected and served by those who were the most qualified and worthy of our trust.

As Mayor of the City of Perrysburg, I have always worked to ensure that the city is entrusted to best and most qualified people. It is because of this that I am pleased to announce that I am endorsing Aram Matthew Ohanian for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge.

Aram Matthew Ohanian has served the Perrysburg Municipal Court for over 20 years, first in the Public Defender’s Office and for the last 10 years as a Prosecutor for the Wood County Prosecutor’s Office. He has handled thousands of cases in Perrysburg Municipal Court and Common Pleas Court and understands the day to day issues that are heard before the bench. Because of this, he is the most qualified to lead the court and make the right choices as Judge. His experience and his commitment to the community ensure that he will protect the rights of our citizens and administer the duties of Judge in a fair and efficient manner. We deserve a Judge who has the experience, integrity and commitment to make a difference. Aram Matthew Ohanian is that candidate. I urge you to vote for Aram Matthew Ohanian on May 7th.

Nelson Evans

I have 28 years experience in the justice system in the Perrysburg Municipal Court as the Chief Bailiff and Probation Officer, and six years as a Police Officer of the Perrysburg Police Department. I have seen many attorneys in action as both prosecutors and defense attorneys. I also worked with many judges during my time at the Perrysburg Municipal Court. I had the priviledge of working with Aram Ohanian when he started at the Perrysburg Municipal Court as an intern in 1992, and through his time at the Public Defenders' office.

Aram has always shown himself to be fair and unbiased. He worked very diligently as a defense attorney to ensure that those he represented had a fair chance to present their side of the case. Aram's demeanor was always very professional, and he proved to be very knowledgeable of the law in any area from minor misdemeanor charges, like traffic violations, petty thefts and snagging walleye, up to severe felony cases, such as drug charges, assaults and domestic violence.

I have come to know Aram and his family very well over the years. He is a very family-oriented man. He is dedicated to his community and has served as a Cub Scout leader, he coaches soccer and basketball for his kids' teams, and is a great supporter of the schools and our educational programs within the schools. He worked hard in bringing the community together for the Going the Extra Mile event last August.

I have followed Aram's career after he joined the Wood County Prosecutor's Office. He has worked very hard as a prosecutor, handling thousands of cases in the Perrysburg Municipal Court and in Bowling Green Municipal Court and Wood County Common Please Court. He has worked hard at combating domestic violence and helping families affected by domestic violence and substance abuse. He has done a great job for the people of our community.

Having known Aram Ohanian for the past 22 years, I can honestly say that he is the best candidate for judge at the Perrysburg Municipal Court. Aram Ohanian's extensive experience in the Perrysburg Municipal Court, his unwavering integrity and his commitment to making the judicial system one that serves all members of our community in a fair and impartial manner makes him the one that deserves your vote on May 7, in the Republican primary election.

Dear Rossford Voters,

There is a very important primary election on Tuesday May 7th that everyone should vote in regardless of party affiliation. The honorable Judge Dwight Osterud is retiring and we will be selecting a new judge for the Perrysburg Municipal Court. I am proud to endorse the most experienced candidate ARAM OHANIAN to be our next Municipal Court Judge.

I have known Aram for nearly 20 years. I first met him when he was an intern with the Wood County Public Defenders’ office and I was a Police Sergeant with Rossford Police Department. In some law enforcement circles public defenders are considered the “dark side”, but even back then I noticed Aram’s keen sense of fairness, impartiality and a sincere interest in justice.

Just a couple of years later, Aram was out of Law School and working for the Public Defenders’ Office and I was a part time bailiff. It was then that I got a closer look at how Aram carefully studied the police reports and looked at all the evidence, ensuring that evidence was gathered in a proper manner without infringing on the constitutional guarantees and then processed case by case appropriately through the judicial system.

The next time our professional paths crossed was in 2003. Aram had teamed up with the Wood County Prosecutor’s office (the brighter side) as an Assistant Prosecutor. At the time I was Chief of Police in Rossford. At this point I saw a mature, more experienced attorney with the same great judicial qualities. He was splitting time between Perrysburg Municipal Court and Bowling Green Municipal and Common Pleas Courts prosecuting cases at various stages within the judicial system.

Finally, for the past 5 years I have been employed part time at the Wood County Courthouse as a Constable. During this time I have learned more about his personal life. I have met his beautiful wife and children and through the campaign have learnt just how much Aram is involved in the community in his hometown of Perrysburg.

In closing, I would just like to reiterate that Aram Ohanian’s lengthy experience and his total community involvement simply makes him the best choice for the next Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge.

Remember to get out and vote MAY 7th, this does NOT change any of your personal options in November.

Dennis J Foy
Former Rossford Chief of Police

If you think that your choice for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge doesn't matter, think again. The linchpin of our justice system is the judiciary, and it all starts in the municipal courts.

I'm an Eagle Scout, a Marine, and, as a prosecutor, I've investigated and prosecuted some of the worst offenders that society has to offer: corrupt officials, international terrorists, and organized crime. Over the past 15 years, I've learned that the efforts of prosecutors and police are only meaningful if their cases land in front of a Judge with an impartial backbone.

Having worked with Aram, I can tell you, he has my support. As a third-generation descendant of Wood County, I trust him to protect my family there.

Thomas Aquinas Matuszak, Esq.
Son of James M. Matuszak and Ellen A. Eckel
Grandson of Harold and Elva Eckel (Perrysburg)
Grandson of Sylvester and Helen Matuszak (Rossford)

Dear Friends,

This week has been quite an exciting week! I have to say what a wonderful thing that it is, to not only try to win a contest for our kids, but also support our dear friend Aram Ohanian in his campaign for Perrysburg Municipal Judge!!! How lucky we are right now in the city of Perrysburg and specifically Frank Elementary, as Aram is a Frank parent as well!

I say this to everyone that I meet… I honestly can not imagine a better, more qualified person to fill the important seat of Judge for Perrysburg!! Please VOTE FOR Ohanian For Judge - Vote May 7th! Please consider LIKING this page and sharing proudly with your friends! If you are undecided, this page will keep you informed and updated on Aram Ohanian!

Just a little background… Aram has worked at this court for 20 years! He has been there since he was an intern in law school at the University of Toledo. Aram has been married to Sherina for 18 Years, throughout those years, they have been parishioners at St. Rose Catholic Church. Aram and Sherina have 3 children in the Perrysburg schools. Their twin boys, Keith and Kyle are students at Frank Elementary! You can't miss the boys with their beautiful, big smiles! Their daughter, Alisha is at PJHS and she is blazing a trail of her own! Additionally, Aram is a HUGE part of our Perrysburg community as he has been and continues to be a Cub Scout Leader, PYSA Soccer coach and YMCA Basketball coach amongst many other things!

Voting for Aram Ohanian on May 7th is not only supporting one person, it is supporting the entire Perrysburg community! Thank you all for your support!

Kristen Rodzos
Mother of 4 Perrysburg Schools' Students
Tatiana Rodzos - 10th Grader at Perrysburg High School
Clarissa Rodzos - 7th Grader at Perrysburg Junior High School
Annabella Rodzos - 5th Grader at Perrysburg's Frank Elementary School
Xavier Rodzos - 2nd Grader at Perrysburg's Frank Elementary School

p.s. Again, please consider LIKING Aram Ohanian's Facebook Campaign page! :)

I want a judge with experience with both the prosecution and defense side of the law. I want his concern to be following the law and protecting the promise of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law while keeping the victims of crime and their families in mind as well.

I want a judge who understands how domestic abuse and violence against women AND men can change all involved mentally and to never be OK with it due to religious or any other beliefs.

I think I have found that judge. He's running for judge in my area and strongly suggest you take a moment to read about his experience opinions and accomplishments and see if you don't agree with me. I think you will!

Maureen Spauling, Northwood, OH

Ohanian helps victims of domestic violence

In the wake of the latest deaths of two beautiful women to domestic violence I am compelled to write this letter. I too lost a loved one to domestic violence, my only daughter, Alicia.

After my daughter's death in 2007, I started an organization to help women get out of their abusive relationships, and I named it Alicia's Voice. To date we have helped close to 1,600 women and their children to escape these relationships.

Soon after I started this organization, I met a man who volunteered to hold a self-defense class, cost-free, to help women learn how to better protect themselves. This man gave up his Saturday afternoon and graciously donated his time and expertise to the cause. This man is Aram Ohanian.

Mr. Ohanian is running for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge in the May 7 election, and I can't think of a better person for the job. He is dedicated to putting a stop to domestic violence with stricter punishments for repeat offenders, has a sincere interest in the victims of such abuse, and has a no-nonsense attitude towards this growing epidemic.

Mr. Ohanian is very involved in his community, coaching both youth soccer and basketball as well as being a Cub Scout den leader. He also volunteers in numerous school programs and parents' clubs.

Please go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Aram Ohanian in this election and help eradicate the abuse in our county.

Kathy Newlove, Bowling Green, OH



Click to Enlarge Nelson Evans — Mayor of the City of Perrysburg
and former Perrysburg Chief of Police

Maria Ermie — Perrysburg City Council Member since 2001.

Denny Foy — Rossford Police Department Chief, Retired

Joe Brainard — Chief Bailiff, Perrysburg Municipal Court, Retired

Doug Pratt — Perrysburg Schools Bus Driver (50 years), Perrysburg Volunteer Fireman (32 years), Farmer (70+ years)

Kathy Newlove — President, Alicia's Voice

Paul Dobson — Wood County Prosecutor

Doug Kinder — Perrysburg Police Department Detective, Retired

John Bondelier — Perrysburg - Retired U.S. Marshall, Wood County Sheriff Deputy, Perrysburg Police

Robert Gates — Detective Sergeant, Perrysburg Township Police Department, retired.

Roger Wallace — Perrysburg Township Police Department, Retired

Steve Brown — Fostoria Police Department, Retired

Stan Sayre — Fostoria Police Department, Retired

Judith Daquano — Clerk of Courts, Perrysburg Municipal Court, Retired

Esther Fournier — Publisher, American Recycler News, Perrysburg

Paul Schlatter — President, Dowling Steel, Perrysburg

Rex Russell — Owner, Big Daddy Graphics, Perrysburg. Retired Wood County Sheriff's Deputy, BCII Agent

Betty Woods — Rossford, Ohio

Ethel Marie Huntley — Perrysburg, Ohio